Friday, July 3, 2015

My disappearance!

I disappeared for a bit. Life has been hectic and I have been under the weather in one capacity or another for the past three weeks. It's completely crazy.
Remember this post? My lack of motivation that I was sure would pick up the following week.

It did, but I also picked up a nasty head cold that I'm still fighting almost an entire week and a half later. I didn't use a sick day, fought my way through the school day and by the time I got home I was wiped! There was no running.

By Sunday, I was feeling better, not 100%, but better. I figured I'd give it until Monday to go for a run because the boys will be back at daycare and I can go whenever I felt like it. Plus the weather was absolutely miserable.

About 4:00 on Sunday afternoon, I tweak something in my back. My younger son had decided he wanted a particular pillow and the only way to reach this pillow was by climbing on the coffee table. As I rushed over to grab him, I guess I twisted in an awkward way and ended up messing up my back enough that I had to make a trip to get Robaxacet.

Well, it's Friday and I'd say I'm back up to 80% with my back. My cold is still lingering and specific movements still make my back feel funny, but it's almost there.

Unfortunately, just as I am getting better, we're headed off on vacation. Since we're traveling with the boys, heading off for a run by myself in a foreign (to me) city doesn't seem right. My running will have to wait until we get back. Hopefully that means my back will be 100% and my cold will have disappeared.

Either way, I'll be starting my triathlon training when we get back, so come hell or high water, I'll be fighting through! The Iron Girl sprint triathlon will be a little over a month away when we return!

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Have a great long weekend everyone!

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